Mobile Docs™

Quick and easy document scanning

Mitek’s Mobile Docs turns the user’s smartphone camera into a high-resolution scanner. A combination of an intuitive capture interface and real-time image analysis allow the user to submit a quality image of many types of supporting documents with ease.

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Intuitive and smart

Fast and convenient

Streamlined and efficient

Mobile document scanning

Customers can upload required documents for account opening, onboarding, loan origination, insurance quoting, payments and other digital transactions.

Offer your end users the convenience they value by enabling them to submit scanner-quality trailing documents using their smartphone camera. Mitek's technology cleans and corrects the image in order to optimize quality. Integrating Mobile Docs into your mobile onboarding process can help you make document submission fast and easy. Your customers will enjoy:

  • Fewer in-branch visits
  • No e-mails or photocopies

Smart, fast processing. Reduced paperwork


Cut operational costs

Streamline paperwork management

Maximize acceptance of supporting documents

Offer customers the self service they expect 

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