Mobile Docs

Turn your customers’ smartphones into a document scanner

Quick and clean mobile scanning for collecting trailing documents

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Mobile Docs' advanced mobile scanning enables consumers to submit scanner-quality trailing documents using their mobile device camera. Insert Mobile Docs into your mobile on-boarding process to make document submission fast and easy.

Mobile document scanning - the benefits

Happy Customers

Create a positive user experience for your customers while streamlining the account opening and loan origination processes


Reduce costs, effort and time spent capturing and managing (chasing) paper documents


Collect trailing documents in both mobile self service and employee assisted use cases

MiSnap is essential for mobile document scanning

Mitek Mobile Capture SDK turns any mobile device with a camera into a document scanner. It gets the scan right the first time, every time. Mitek MiSnap provides real-time feedback to the user until a suitable image is detected, at which point it automatically captures a high quality image.

Best in Class Image Pre-Processing

Mitek magic cleans and corrects the image and produces a high quality image. Consistently retrieving an optimal image lets users quickly onboard without being required to visit a physical location or tediously send in copies of their identification.

Use Cases

  • Proof of residence or income
  • Proof of address
  • Signature cards
  • Any other supporting or trailing documentation

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