2017 Mobile Deposit Benchmark Report: Consumer Behavioral and Attitudinal Research

Customer Experience Rankings for 15 Top Financial Institutions

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We Invented Mobile Deposit®

Mobile Deposit® is the market-leading mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC) solution for retail financial institutions, brokerages, and prepaid card providers. Our patented, award-winning technology has been licensed by more than 6,100 financial institutions and is loved by more than 80 million consumers.

Everyone Loves Mobile Deposit®

Mitek has enabled more than
2 Billion Mobile Deposits

Totaling $1.5 trillion in cumulative check value

Saving Banks Money

Saving banks
$5 billion

Saving consumers time

Saving consumers
830 million hours

Saving the planet

11 million tons of CO2
out of the atmosphere

Undisputed Market Leadership

Mitek's Mobile Deposit® is the solution for over 98% of financial institutions that offer mobile deposit, including 99 of the top 100 banks in the U.S.

Happy Customers

Integrated by every major

mobile banking solution



Built on 25 years of expertise in

financial document image



29 patents held 

and additional patents


Usability, scalability, and risk mitigation 

Exceptional user experience

Mitek's MiSnap™, our advanced auto capture experience, makes check capture effortless. The consumer simply holds their mobile device over the check and MiSnap™ automatically captures a usable image. Easy image capture means first time users are successful generating more usage and better reviews of your app. For the bank, Mitek's MiSnap™ mean less images are flagged for review.


Risk mitigation

  • Endorsement Detection - the ability to detect the presence of an endorsement on the back of a check
  • Restrictive Endorsement - detects the presence of a desired phrase in the endorsement such as “For Deposit Only at XYZ Bank” to limit duplicate deposits
  • CAR/LAR Matching - ensures the numerical and the written amounts match
  • Front and Back Matching – this feature leverages new Harland Clarke PhotoSafe checks
  • Immediate MICR Validation
  • Blank LAR Field Detection


Business Intelligence Dashboard for performance analytics and tuning:

  • Understand what types of mobile devices are in use across the user base
  • Learn how all iOS and Android devices are performing
  • See imaging quality analytics, system performance, and other key metrics
Easy Integration

Build your Mobile Deposit® app on Mitek’s strong foundation

  • Image analytics meet Check 21 Industry Standards
  • Advanced algorithms automatically correct images; dewarp, deskew, distortion, and poor lighting conditions.
  • Specialized OCR software for highly accurate MICR validation
  • API for easy integration into mobile banking apps as well as core systems
  • State-of-the-art encryption
  • Various account capable so the user can select from the accounts
  • Mobile Deposit® history review for deposits and processed images
  • International Support – available and supported in many countries around the globe.
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Hosted and On-premise deployment

Mobile Deposit® is available through these partners:

1 in 7 Use Mobile Deposit ABA Study

One in Seven People

1 in 7 Americans

have deposited a check via mobile device in the past 12 months

Mobile Deposit


of users do so at least once per month
27% once per month
12% twice per month
15% three or more times per month
45% less than once per month

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Mobile Deposit® Innovation Timeline

Read Open Letter to Banking Industry

10 Reasons Why Mitek's Mobile Deposit® is the Gold Standard for Remote Check Deposit


  • Offered by 6,100 Banks and loved by 80M Consumers
  • $1 trillion deposited through Mobile Deposit®
  • American Cancer Society adds Mitek MiSnap™ and Mobile Deposit® to its mobile app


  • Mitek celebrates 1 billion mobile deposits
  • Mitek releases multi-check capture SDK to make commercial Mobile Deposit easy
  • Harland Clarke and Mitek collaborate to strengthen Mobile Deposit security with PhotoSafe™
  • Mitek granted patent for MiSnap™ automatic image capture technology


  • Mitek delivers new Mobile Deposit® solution built for business
  • Mitek Granted 9th for Mobile Deposit U.S. patent No. '170


  • Mitek MiSnap™ available to 20 Million plus Mobile Deposit® users
  • Mitek’s breakthrough restrictive endorsement feature reduces duplicate mobile deposits
  • Mitek MiSnap™ mobile auto capture improves Mobile Deposit® user experience at 10 leading financial institutions


  • Mitek Labs adds endorsement analytics and business intelligence to Mobile Deposit®
  • U.S. PTO issues patents '473, '098 and '914 to Mitek


  • $10 billion in Mobile Deposits enabled by Mitek
  • Mitek Mobile Deposit® powers more than 20 reloadable prepaid cards


  • Mobile Deposit 3.0 with improved UX, performance and supports for more check formats announced
  • Top 5 US banks all signed for Mobile Deposit
  • U.S. PTO issues patents '514, '900, '268 and '176 patent to Mitek


  • First Mobile Deposit patent issued
  • Partnership with FIS for Mobile Deposit announced


  • Partners with NCR and FiServ for Mobile Deposit
  • Mitek and mFoundry announce demonstration of Mobile Deposit at BAI TransPay Conference in San Diego


  • Conducts 1st public demonstration of Mobile Deposit at BAI TransPay Conference, San Antonio, TX
  • Files patents '900, '514, '268, '176
  • Files 1st Mobile Deposit Methods and Systems Patent
  • James DeBello speaks at first RDC Summit in session entitled "The Future of RDC"


  • Develops initial Mobile Deposit prototype

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