Bring digital security to real-world situations

The trusted solution for in-person fraud challenges

Protect your organization from growing in-person fraud attacks by leveraging Mitek’s Verified Identity Platform (MiVIP) which brings digital level security to real-life scenarios.

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Where security meets convenience

Secure in-store or in-branch transactions to combat fraud and approve more good customers without burdening employees or increasing abandonment.

Flexible integration with existing hardware
Seamlessly adapt in-person verification requirements with existing infrastructure, whether scanning devices, dedicated kiosks, or BYOD implementations.

Advanced fraud defense across environments
Utilize dozens of unique characteristics to verify IDs, including MRZ and NFC data, matching customer information against multiple databases, or checking email and social account history.

Secure experience without compromise
Allow security and convenience to coexist harmoniously for both customers and staff. Elevate customer interactions with a seamless journey that inspires confidence and loyalty.

Upgraded identity verification without the hassle of replacing hardware

In-branch scanners

Financial institutions can quickly verify a customer’s ID using existing check and ID scanners

byod / in-store tablets

Leverage QR codes to provide a seamless and branded customer experience utilizing customer-owned devices or in-store tablets.

dedicated kiosk / terminals

Gather customer documents, credit card and biometric information during the onboarding or sales process

Combat fraud without burdening employees

In the ever-evolving landscape of retail environments, the omnipresent threat of fraud has become a formidable challenge, impacting the very core of operations and customer trust.

Fraudulent activities not only pose financial risks but also erode the seamless experiences that customers expect in today’s fast-paced retail world. Enter the Mitek Verified Identity Platform (MiVIP), a cutting-edge solution meticulously designed to combat the pervasive issue of fraud. MiVIP transcends the limitations of traditional identity verification methods, offering a robust defense against fraudulent transactions in various real-world scenarios.

Whether you’re a Financial Institution aiming to fortify in-branch security, an auto rental company seeking dedicated kiosk protection during pick-up, or a wireless service provider navigating the challenges of in-store transactions, MiVIP seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure.

Step into a realm where security meets convenience aren’t only buzz words but set new benchmarks across your retail transactions. Experience a platform that not only safeguards your operations but enhances the overall user experience.

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