Verify age and identity of digital players across the lifecycle of their gaming

Build trust and confidence with your customers through a frictionless onboarding experience, expedited KYC and AML compliance, and assured fraud prevention.

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Enable your customers with an iGaming identity solution to seamlessly verify their identity and age, while also confirming their location and source of funds

Identity verification makes it easier for customers to get onboarded as quickly as possible so they can enjoy their digital gambling and gaming experiences without having to worry about identity theft or other digital fraud. You will also simultaneously meet KYC and AML regulatory compliance during the low friction ID verification process

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Betfred complies with the Gambling Commission age requirements while minimizing the impact to customer acquisition and maximizing customer sign-up.

Luckbox is an innovative and immersive platform that allows players to bet on esports. As a regulated gambling operator, they comply with strict age verification and anti-money laundering requirements using identity verification.

Tombola, the largest online bingo website in Europe, utilizes identity verification to optimize their sign-up and KYC processes and provide a seamless customer journey while assuring players are of legal age.

Trust precedes betting. 

Responsible gambling starts with consumer trust, which is developed through humanistic experiences and backed by a simple and secure solution


Stop fraudsters from getting through the doors

Robust identity verification defenses prevent cybercriminals from signing up as new players or attempting to impersonate existing players.

Increase the conversion rate of ad and website traffic

Increase revenues by converting more players arriving to your platform through paid and organic digital channels.

Escalate verification defenses only when necessary

Automatically adjust verification requirements based on the risk level of transaction made by a player.

Increase the rate of sign-ups that pass KYC

Move players through the KYC funnel quickly by enabling faster database and document checks.

Prevent under-age user accounts

Verify every player meets legal age requirements based on geographic jurisdictions using ID document validation and biometric data.

Reduce application abandonment

Utilize identity verification to reduce KYC turnaround times and barriers to access for players.

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Identity verification is essential for every customer and every journey.

Ensure regulatory compliance at all times

Meet any risk profile on your KYC workflows with the identity services you need.

Stay ahead of fraudsters

Better detect attempted impersonation fraud across any customer touchpoint.

Optimize user journeys 

Maximize onboarding success rates with minimal friction.

Strengthen trust and convenience using multiple layers of verification signals

Achieve a dynamic, risk-based approach to verifying digital identities by layering identity signals in real time. Customize the identity verification requirements of each journey to create the perfect balance between fraud prevention and the optimal customer experience. Identity verification exactly the way you need it.

identity verification signal diversity


"They comply with all of the requirements from the UK Gambling Commission and have created the best possible KYC process when customer documentation verification is required."



Director of Payments and Fraud at Betfred


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