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Blake Hall

CEO & Founder.

Blake Hall is a next-generation identity platform that authenticates identity and credential information online and performs secure, permission-based transmission of results to third parties. technology is used by more than 16 million individuals, and the platform is adding 30,000 new users a day. Blake talked about the remarkable growth trajectory of his company and the increasing importance of identity in all sectors of the economy with Mike Sasaki, leader of the Mitek Systems global customer success team.

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Making transactions easier with bring your own identity

The importance of making identity portable across channels 

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Innovator Series Mary Ann Miller

Mary Ann Miller

Head of Fraud Strategy, Varo

Mary Ann Miller is Fraud Strategy Leader at Varo, a mobile-only FDIC-insured banking app that is highly rated not only for no-fees checking and high-yield savings, but outstanding customer service as well. Miller, who in previous positions executed complex, large-scale fraud and risk management strategies
for enterprises all over the world, says customer experience is always at the heart of what she does. She recently sat down with us and talked about this obsession and why it’s so critical to business success today.

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The customer experience is at the core of fraud strategy