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Kathleen Peters

SVP, Head of Fraud and Identity Business

Kathleen Peters, SVP is head of Experian’s Fraud and Identity Business NA. As the world’s leading information services company, Experian empowers consumers and businesses, and is focused on issues becoming top-of-mind for its clients. Diversity is one of these (the company was recently named Best Workplace for Diversity by Fortune) as are trust in digital transactions and concerns about data privacy. Kathleen talked about what’s surprising and changing in client attitudes and technology solutions with Mike Sasaki, leader of the Mitek Systems global customer success team.

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Innovator Series Mary Ann Miller

Mary Ann Miller

Head of Fraud Strategy, Varo

Mary Ann Miller is the Fraud Strategy Leader at Varo, a mobile-only FDIC-insured banking app that is highly rated not only for no-fees checking and high-yield savings, but outstanding customer service as well. Miller, who in previous positions executed complex, large-scale fraud and risk management strategies
for enterprises all over the world, says customer experience is always at the heart of what she does. She recently sat down with us and talked about this obsession and why it’s so critical to business success today.

Watch Mary Ann's Identity Innovator video now: The customer experience is at the core of fraud strategy