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Mitek MiSnap™

Every User Snaps a Great Image with Industry’s Best Auto Capture

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What is Mobile Capture?

Mobile capture is the process of capturing and optimizing an image of a person and/or document with a smartphone or other mobile device. The optimized image is then used for data extraction or to verify its authenticity. Mobile Capture is provided as an SDK that is integrated into a mobile app that can be utilized for check deposit, to verify the identity of a customer, improve the speed of a transaction, and reduce abandonment rates.

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Great Mobile Capture Key to Success

The key to successful mobile check deposit, data pre-fill and identity document verification is the quality of the image capture. Mitek's MiSnap™ enables every user to capture a quality image – the first time, every time.

Mitek's MiSnap™ – Outstanding mobile capture across all products

Simple, intuitive mobile auto capture

Proven UX loved by millions

SDK is quick and easy to integrate

Capture for mobile web and native apps

“Bank of America continuously works to provide our customers with tools to make their financial lives better, including providing the best mobile banking experience. Our use of the latest version of Mitek’s Mobile Deposit®, and their MiSnap™ auto capture capability, is an example of how we are making banking simpler and more convenient.”

Mobile Capture SDK: World-class, Real-time & Brandable


Background Detection
Capability to detect and capture documents on a variation of backgrounds: low contrast and busy.


Customization Options
Brandablility and customization of the workflow and capture experience.

Easy User Experience

Simple and Intuitive Capture Experience
Auto capture with video frame processing.


Glare Detection
Real time guidance on the presence of glare.


Built-in Analytics
MiSnap™ collects device data, abandonment & completion rates, as well as others for ongoing app improvement.

mitek_misnap_auto_capture_icon_messaging Real-time Messaging
Smart-hint messages provide tips to the user to guide them. Four corners, low light conditions, sharpness, glare, background, and angle.

Ease of Integration
The SDK can be fully integrated in a matter of hours.


Online Documentation
Comprehensive SDK documentation for managers and developers.


Secure SDK
The SDK does not store any images or data on device. Screenshot feature is disabled.


Accessibility Support
Users who have the accessibility mode on their device enabled will receive spoken instructions.


Cross Platform Support
MiSnap™ SDK is available for iOS, Android, and the Mobile Web.

Mobile Facial Capture

Liveness  Detection

Customizable Workflow

Analytics for UX Optimization

Localization and Accessibility Support

Real-time Feedback

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