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Check Fraud Defender enables you to find check fraud significantly faster than manual reviews, reducing your institution’s losses and giving your customers the peace of mind they expect. 

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Detect fraud faster

Reduce financial losses

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check fraud

Check Fraud Defender is a secure, cloud-hosted consortium that strengthens your existing fraud prevention and management solutions. Participating financial institutions leverage Check Fraud Defender's computer vision and AI to reduce fraud losses. By intelligently analyzing over 20 distinct check attributes and comparing results to check profiles within our data consortium, Check Fraud Defender creates a shared truth database that helps improve accuracy of scoring and enables real-time decisioning. 

Check Fraud Defender also uses proprietary image analysis to extract data from stolen checks, account screens, and identification documents sold on criminal channels to provide alerts of potentially compromised accounts.   


Your key to back-office efficiency

Through proprietary visual inspection modeling, Check Fraud Defender helps decrease your operational costs without disrupting your current fraud prevention workflows. The platform itself requires very little integration effort, and your team can easily filter alerts and set business rules. This allows your institution to focus on the fraud that matters and helps your fraud teams to quickly triage flagged deposits and make decisions based on a high degree of available information, all through one centralized management console. 

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Minimize false positives

A visual based system inspects more document attributes, so fewer checks are flagged for review, resulting in reduced false positives.

Accelerate reviews

Actionable insights and opacity overlays help reviewers validate checks faster and more efficiently.

Decrease operational costs

Proprietary visual inspection modeling helps reduce manual reviews by providing automated, accurate check fraud detection.

A better customer experience

Your customers trust your financial institution every day to ensure their accounts are kept secure. Give them the security they expect by ensuring your check fraud detection processes are best-in-class. Check Fraud Defender can detect forgeries often missed by other fraud tools or not detected until much later in the check clearing process, like forged signatures, legal and courtesy amounts, and recipient name.  With terminal status feedback from all participating financial institutions, Check Fraud Defender flags future check deposits tied to stolen and fraudulent checks, at risk account data, and duplicate deposits. 

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Check liveness, detects a physical, “live” check versus a picture of a picture

Real-time processing for mobile, branch, and ATM

Compromised account data, images, account takeover, search capabilities, and fraud suspect flags

Profiles for official and government issued checks, money orders, treasury checks and bank specific check templates

Mitek Check Processing

MiControl Fraud Management Console

As a part of Mitek’s Check Fraud Defender platform, the MiControl Fraud Management Console provides a comprehensive dashboard to quickly detect, analyze, and stop incoming check fraud. ​

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Our consortium - Better together

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Fraudsters have begun working together to improve their tactics and share information in an effort to overwhelm your financial institution and your customers. Now, more than ever, is the time to partner with the global leader in check security and unite with other financial institutions to stay ahead of fraudsters and evolving fraud tactics.

Mitek’s cloud-hosted consortium delivers valuable insights that yield higher check fraud detection rates and accelerated review times; allowing analysts to compare multiple check attributes against check profiles stored in a secure, cloud-hosted environment that utilizes end-to-end encryption and ISO 270001 certified security protocols.

Get the peace of mind you and your customers expect with Mitek's Check Fraud Defender.