Check Fraud Defender

Check Fraud Defender

Don’t let fraud slip through the cracks

The premier AI-powered and cloud-hosted model for fighting check fraud, Check Fraud Defender reduces the number of checks routed for manual review and can help reduce risks associated with synthetic and account fraud, forged checks, and theft. 

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Experts in checks, experts in fighting fraud

With an estimated $15B in check fraud attempted per year, check fraud is on the rise. While current solutions can catch many types of check fraud, they can also trigger tedious manual processes and false positives, costing institutions time and money for additional analysts and custom data science platforms. Enter Mitek's Check Fraud Defender.

Backed by more than 35 years of expertise in digital image capture, mobile deposit and identity solutions, Mitek’s Check Defender detects forgeries otherwise missed by traditional fraud. Check Fraud Defender analyzes checks deposited from all channels – mobile deposit, in-branch and ATMs. With Check Fraud Defender’s patented computer vision technology, financial institutions have a higher degree of confidence in check fraud detection.

Your secret weapon against check fraud

Mitek’s Check Fraud Defender service complements your existing fraud prevention processes by visually inspecting checks from all channels. Using our proprietary visual inspection model, Mitek leverages AI & machine learning to score 18 check attributes beyond account data. Reduce loss, centralize decision making, and minimize manual reviews.

Hit fraud loss goals

Reduce manual review times

Get actionable insights

Keep your same workflow

Business as usual and less loss

Check Fraud Defender can detect forgeries missed by other fraud tools, like forged signatures, legal and courtesy amounts, and recipient name. Other tools don’t catch these items until much later in the check clearing process. With terminal status feedback from all participating financial institutions, Check Fraud Defender flags future check deposits tied to stolen checks, closed accounts, and duplicate deposits.

Get real-time analysis and data detection on these types of checks

Transit checks

Money orders

Cashiers checks

Treasury checks

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