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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

- Leonardo Da Vinci

Simplicity: the ultimate user experience

Ever had an experience where something was so simple and convenient that it felt natural? That’s the feeling Mitek wants everyone to have when they use their mobile device to shop, open an account, and more. But such simplicity is incredibly complex. Many moving parts lie beneath the customer’s simple and elegant mobile user experience.

Mitek as artist and scientist

This simplicity is powered by technology that is a sophisticated mix of art and science. It is built using advanced computer vision and imaging algorithms by the world's brightest scientists, engineers and UI designers.

Mitek applies its global mobile capture and identity verification technologies to optimize the mobile user experience for thousands of financial services organizations and leading brands across the globe.

Enabling Innovation


Tens of millions of consumers have adopted our Mobile Deposit®

We process hundreds of millions of transactions at more than 5,200 financial institutions

Mitek Innovation


Our patents and continuous innovation are the building blocks of our mobile imaging platform

Key innovations include: mobile capture, image recognition, image quality analytics and industrial-strength processing

Patent Portfolio

Our strong and growing patent portfolio includes 27 patents and 17 pending

Mitek Science

Flexible, scalable and OS agnostic

Pre-processing and advanced algorithms set us apart

Mitek Invented Mobile Deposit®

Mobile innovation is normal for us. In 2008 our CEO, James DeBello, boldly announced to an industry event that Mitek was inventing a way to use the camera on a smartphone to capture images of a check for a mobile deposit. His listeners were skeptical. And yet, just a few years later, his invention, Mobile Deposit®, is used by more than 5,200 financial brands and tens of millions of consumers. 

Cutting Edge ID Verification

High abandonment rates and compromises of secret personal data are scaring consumers and forcing enterprises to seek new identity-proofing solutions. Mitek is investing in mobile identity-proofing methods that take advantage of what a consumer has (documents and attributes) versus what they know. This new approach is a better way to secure the mobile channel for customer acquisition as well as high value transactions and interactions.

In June of 2015, Mitek acquired IDchecker, a global provider of cloud based identity document verification solutions.  The acquisition broadened Mitek’s global presence, expanded document coverage to more than 3,500 document types and added international customers in payments, financial services and information services. IDchecker's solutions and team are now part of Mitek.

Mitek's Product Family

Mitek's Product Offering

Helping you win the mobile moment

Mobile is a fiercely competitive battleground for our customers. We help them win the mobile moment by enabling them to offer a superior user experience through open collaboration with our team. We stay engaged long after the implementation is complete to ensure ongoing success.

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