New Irish Regulation Opens the Door to Digital Onboarding

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Financial regulation is often seen as a burden, however, in this instance, it represents the opportunity for Ireland’s financial services organizations to revolutionize customer onboarding.

In Section 33 of the Criminal Justice Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing 2010 Act (relating to customer due diligence), the law provides for “electronic verification of the customer’s identity on the basis of documents”.

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Digital identity verification in three easy steps

“Mobile Verify™ helps us provide a fast and easy experience for our customers while ensuring that we’re complying with local laws and regulations.”

—Nash Ali, Head of Online Risk at MoneyGram

"I am pleased that we have found a partner such as Mitek that enables us to achieve our customer experience ambitions for onboarding and, simultaneously, meet the ever-growing requirements for ‘reliable’ identification.”

—Theo van Bon, Chief Operations Officer at MoneYou