Whitepaper: omnichannel customer acquisition 2.0

In this whitepaper by Celent, you will learn why institutions need to embrace omnichannel customer acquisition solutions and invest accordingly to maintain a competitve edge. Doing so will ultimately involve more than choosing a solution provider, because no single solution can deliver on all necessary aspects. Therefore, the larger objective for an omnichannel banking provision will involve strategically partnering with technology providers. 

Omnichannel customer acquisition matters because multiple channels — digital channels in particular — are influencing the consumers' choice of banking provider. With preference for onboarding in the mobile channel on the rise, banks are challenged to enable customers to close the deal whenever and wherever they make the decision to onboard.

Read this report and learn the answers to:

* What is the state of omnichannel customer onboarding?
* What are the key opportunities for improvement?
* How do banks improve their digitalization?
* How is mobile a key piece to this transformation?


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