On-demand webinar: machine learning demystified

The hype around artificial intelligence and machine learning has reached a fever pitch, but is the hype justified? 

In this 30-minute panel discussion Steve Ritter, Mitek’s Chief Technology Officer, and Sanjay Nichani, VP of Mitek Labs, demystified AI & machine learning to help you cut through the hype. They discussed the value of these scientific approaches when developing advanced automated ID document verification and facial recognition. In addition, the panel explained how Mitek leverages these technological advancements to catch forgeries and fakes for the industry’s fastest and most accurate digital identity verification. 

Panel was moderated by Steve Craig, Director of Product and Experience at Mitek. As a result of attending, you’ll learn: 

• Science required to achieve successful identity verification 
• How are AI & machine learning key to deliver scalable and efficient automated ID document verification 
• AI-powered digital identity verification as a competitive advantage, Mitek’s approach

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