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Digital Banking

Accelerate digital onboarding without sacrificing design

Learn how Mitek's advanced, AI-powered identity verification software accurately and securely onboarded new consumers for a leading digital bank.

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Save time and resources
with identity verification

Implementing accurate identity verification during the digital onboarding in banking process allows banks to open their services to a wider variety of applicants while increasing the trust consumers have for their services.

Increase customer acceptance rates

Guided auto-capture experience trusted by 80+ million consumers to increase image quality paired with global document coverage.

Stop fraud and mitigate risk

Deep authentication mitigates threats of application fraud and account takeover.

Highest levels of data security 

Protect against threats and meet today's compliance standards. Mitek follows industry best practices and holds ISO 27001 certification and SOC 2 compliance. 


Fast and accurate ID verification at every touchpoint

Our clients saw a 5-second average IDV processing speed—compared to 10 minutes at some banks using comparable digital verification solutions, and up to 24-hours for those relying on traditional methods

Don't lose new customers to a waiting game. 

See how digital banks acquire more good customers, fast.

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