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8 simple reasons to partner with Mitek for digital ID verification

Identity verification is essential for building a high level of safe-to-use assurance in platforms and for facilitating trust between users engaged in buying, selling, renting, sharing or gig work on your platform. Identity proofing also serves to verify digital users are truly who they say they are but in the real world—a particular challenge of the sharing economy— that allows for innovating in personalized interactions and tailored services.

Increase enrollment speed and ease

When a rideshare car rental platform implemented Mitek identity verification, the number of applicants needing to submit additional documentation dropped by 50%, allowing more drivers to get on the road and social commerce fashion resale platform also saw customer support tickets fall by 60%.

Layer additional security just where needed

One sharing platform does identity verification early in the onboarding process so it can auto-fill applications while also analyzing extracted data for accurately run background and security checks. The company says users appreciate this initial “good friction” as evidence they’re being protected.

Leverage forefront technologies for ID and biometrics verification

In a few seconds, we unleash machine learning to examine the ID and weigh all evidence to determine if an ID is genuine. For additional assurance our face comparison with liveness detection determines if the person submitting the ID is the real owner.

Support multiple channels and scale with growth

In just a year, one marketplace grew the overall value of transactions on its platform by 100%—and the number of risky transactions requiring verification by 150%. Identity approval rates actually rose during this rapid growth and are holding steady at above 80%.

Create digital trust by bridging digital and physical worlds

In the digital economy, we create trust with identity verification and biometrics so both parties can also verify that the person they’re meeting matches the image they see in the app.

Accelerate time-to-market with battle-tested identity verification

We have a track record of working with clients on successful product introductions. Our implementation generally runs 2 to 12 weeks, with most projects launch-ready within 8 weeks, so you can stay competitive and get the right offer out to the right customer at the right time.

Meet InfoSec and data privacy requirements

We maintain a formal Information Security Management System based on international best practices (ISO27001:2013) and has AICPA Service Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2) certification. Our standards-based multi-layered encryption process protects data in transit and at rest.

Work with a proven partner

We stay with our marketplace clients through launch and beyond to ensure you achieve your success criteria, help you continue to improve your customer experience and identity verification accuracy. We are committed to sharing best practices for onboarding UI/UX design and industry-comparable KPI ranges.

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Mitek identity verification at a glance

Capture ID
Guarantee quality image of ID

Authenticate ID
Validate security features & authenticity

+ Optional Additional Modules

Compare Face
With image processing for quality comparable to a scanner

Auto Form Fill

Mobile Doc Capture
With image processing for quality comparable to a scanner

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