Case study: HyreCar

Before Mobile Verify, HyreCar typically had to ask 34% of system users for more or missing information. Now, its new system using Mobile Verify has lowered redundancies by more than 50%.

“We correlate our verification results directly with average rental days,” says Megan Behrens, VP of Operations Product. “In 2018, we saw 400,000 carshare days. For 2019, we are projecting 550,000 rental days. That directly correlates with the reduction in response time. We can get those drivers on the road and driving quicker.”

HyreCar anticipates continued rapid growth, fueled by its nationwide presence, the benefits of carsharing, and the peace of mind Mobile Verify offers.

See how HyreCar gets drivers on the road faster and more securely and download the case study now.

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