Tablet Apps With Mobile Capture Help Employees Increase Customers

February 12, 2016

Assisted service with a tablet is revolutionizing the employees engage with customers.  Tablets apps with mobile capture are enabling employees to deliver faster and better service in the brick and mortar location as well as out in the community. These apps are helping convert these physical locations from service centers to sales centers, and revolutionizing commerce outside physical branches and stores. Many brands are taking tablets to ballparks, street fairs, and other community events to make signing up for services a snap.

These tablet apps that utililze mobile capture also streamline backend approval and other process because data accuracy soars when it is captured directly from identity and other documents versus typed in manually from a paper application or entered by an employee.

In the branch:

Banks are taking advantage of mobile data capture and pre-fill to offer new ways for banks large and small to boost employee productivity as well as offer a smoother and more rapid customer onboarding experience. Employees equipped with tablets simply scan a drivers license to prefill customer data to truly make account opening a mobile process. 

Jim Marous of The Financial Brand sums it up well in his article Mobile Banking App Helps In-Branch Onboarding, “when the technology is applied in-branch, banks are likely to increase the volume of new applications and enrollments that branch employees can accurately complete each day, helping to counter-balance the branch’s fixed costs.”

Now instead of waiting in line to open a new account, customers and tellers are free to process applications quickly and efficiently anywhere a mobile device can go, allowing employees to come out from behind the counter to onboard customers in record time with increased accuracy.

In the Store:

Major retailers and store branded credit card issuers are incorporating data prefill into tablet apps for use by in stores.  They are enabling employees to sign customers up for loyalty programs, new accounts or even store branded credit cards more accurately and easily than ever before. With a simple scan of the front and back of the customer’s driver’s license, customer data can be quickly and accurately pre-filled into forms reducing lines at cash registers and improving application experience for consumers.  In addition to offering a better in store user experience, many are also using this technology to meet customer identity verification requirements.

In the Community:

Another major benefit of mobile capture and prefill is the ability to go where the customers are rather than waiting for them to come into the branch or store. A prime example is when U.S. Bank and the Minnesota Twins wanted to offer a more convenient, reliable method for fans to apply for a Minnesota Twins Rewards MasterCard at Target Field. To meet that goal they launched the Minnesota Twins Photo Apply app with Mobile Fill so their employees could help fans quickly and securely apply for a credit card, without pen and paper, by simply taking a photo of their driver’s license on an iPad at a stadium kiosk or aisle. As a result, U.S. Bank and the Minnesota Twins saw a 50% increase in credit card application approvals, due to a decrease in data entry errors.

Tablet apps with Mobile Capture have endless potential.  They are sure to revolutionize bank branches and stores experience and also enabling customer acquisition and onboarding outside physical branches and stores.

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