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Smart, fast, secure identity verification

With hundreds of AI-based analytics, algorithms and biometric facial comparison, Mobile Verify® is a next-generation digital identity verification service designed for the world’s leading marketplace and sharing platforms, and financial services organizations. Our layered approach to ID document verification combines smart automation with the expertise of forensic agents as an assured way to verify the identities of consumers. 

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Guided and touchless interface to ensure a successful capture


Strong AI analyzers instantly proof the authenticity of global documents with the highest level of assurance

IDENTITY Verification

Biometric-comparison and liveness-detection algorithms ensure the ID presented is from its true owner

Instant mobile

Requiring a user to leave your mobile channel can result in abandonment rates as high as 90%. Let our identity verification service help you replace the need for physical documentation to clear your “pending” queue, onboard users more effectively and generate more lifetime value.

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Innovative technology, intuitive design

Our identity document verification software can be fully integrated into your apps, websites and desktop applications. It enables you to verify user identities within seconds, while complying with KYC regulations to mitigate fraud and provide an optimal customer experience.

Simultaneous AI-Powered Development & Production Fully-Automated ML Techniques Inhouse ID Expertise ID Data Analysis Biometric Facial Comparison Document Authentication Data Extraction Document Classification Document Capture Identity Verified

Powering science

Artificial intelligence for maximum predictive power

A powerful combination of true identity document experts and sophisticated algorithms allows Mobile Verify to proof real-world identities in a smart and fully automated way.

Behind every transaction, our technology uses diverse AI analytics to achieve its maximum predictive power. From capturing an optimal image of the ID document to performing fully-automated authentication checks, or biometrically matching the ID document with a selfie, Mitek's science is built to return quick and conclusive results.

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Simultaneous AI-powered development & production

Because both the physical and digital worlds never stop changing, Mitek runs its development and production systems in parallel - giving our technology the ability to drive a rapid iteration cycle of continuous adaptation and improvement.

ID data analysis, fully-automated ML techniques, in-house ID expertise

While ML Algorithms learn from huge quantities of analyzed data, Mitek's ID document experts and data scientists also leverage their knowledge to investigate new trends and ways to improve the performance of Mobile Verify.

This process combines machines that quickly crunch through massive amounts of complex data with intel from our in-house ID document experts. It is a powerful engine to develop fully-automated forgery detection techniques.

Mobile Verify Agent Assist for identity verification

Document capture

It all starts with the quality of the image submitted

Mitek's capture SDK, MiSnap™, evaluates the capture conditions in order to interactively guide users through commands as they hover their smartphone over their ID document.

This real-time guidance is made possible by video frame analysis, which also allows for an auto-capture of the best possible image from the video stream. As a result, the first attempt is usually successful, which encourages widespread, rapid user adoption as well as a higher image acceptance rate.

Document classification

Once the image has been captured and submitted, Mobile Verify uses computer vision (CV) algorithms to match the image of the ID document to one of the thousands of formats of government-issued IDs from around the globe maintained in Mitek's cloud-based repository.

Data extraction

Through a combination of computer vision techniques, optical charater recognition (OCR) and rules, Mobile Verify compares the structure of the captured identity document against the corresponding document template in Mitek's repository.

Then, components such as printed bio-data, PDF417 barcode or the MRZ are accurately extracted and evaluated for consistency across the entire document.

Document authentication

In order to determine if the ID document is original and unaltered, Mitek's software unleashes hundreds of AI-based analytics on the image and extracted data, each one examining the ID in a different way to find anything suspicious.

Going beyond individual ML authentication checks, Mitek uses ensemble modeling for both authentication and decision-making. It is an intelligent approach exploiting the power of the learned data to provide accurate predictive results.

Biometric facial comparison

Once the ID document has been authenticated, Mobile Verify uses biometric facial comparison algorithms to automatically match the portrait extracted from the ID document with a selfie; proving that the person submitting the ID document is its rightful owner.

The software's ability to quickly and reliably make this match is substantiated by both "passive" and "active" anti-spoofing techniques. Passive tests operate in the background ensuring that the selfie is from a real person and not the result of a digital reproduction. Then the end-user is given a command to blink, as an active technique to attest a real-life interaction.

Identity verified

Digital identity verification within seconds

  • Achieve faster approvals with full automation
  • Establish trust in your digital platform
  • Improve your AML/KYC compliance process 

Case Studies

We help financial institutions onboard quality customers faster, mitigate fraud, and meet regulations.

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Our identity verification solutions allow digital platforms to foster trust in their communities by verifying a user’s identity.

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Let us help you offer travelers the self service and convenience they value. Remote check in and personalized guest experiences can streamline your processes, empower your customers, and give you an edge on your competitors. 

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Mobile Verify helps lenders meet regulations, reduce fraud, save costs and onboard users quicker.

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Secure ID document verification helps keep money moving safely with minimal disruption. Global fintech companies, money wires, virtual currency exchanges and other financial service providers partner with us to enable seamless and secure digital transactions for their customers.

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