Secure online identity verification services

Minimal disruption

Our online identity verification services help savvy global payments companies, money wires, virtual currency exchanges and other payments providers to enable smooth and secure transactions in the digital channel, meet KYC and AML requirements, and keep money moving.

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Fast and compliant
money movement

Financial institutions face the challenge of meeting requirements and providing a smooth customer experience while reducing risk for themselves. A secure identity verification service allows your business to find the right balance between the two. 


Reduce churn rate and improve user experience


Quickly verify the identity of those users who hit the KYC threshold so they can transact instantly


Meets stringent AML and KYC regulations

Bridge the gap between user expectations and regulatory requirements with a secure identity verification service, the key to mobile payment success.


Money transfers

P2P payments

Payment processors

Virtual currency

Mobile Verify®
for payments

Developed by a team of ID experts and PhD level scientists

Customers use their mobile or web cams to snap a picture of their ID and then take a selfie. Biometric facial comparison technology compares the individual in the selfie with the photo on the ID to confirm that the person making the transaction or creating the account is the person tied to the original reservation.

Mobile Verify® can help you determine the authenticity of documents in seconds.

“Mobile Verify helps us provide a fast and easy experience for our customers, while ensuring we're complying with local laws and regulations, ensuring we're complying with local laws and regulations.”

Nash Ali

Head of Risk at MoneyGram International

Mobile payments are growing.

So is the cost of non-compliance. Let us help you.

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