Leadership in tough times: Mitek partner ID.me joins with Slack to help medical personnel collaborate in real time

April 6, 2020

As more business moves online, our Mitek identity experts are working 24x7 to help businesses around the world safely process digital transactions and secure their platforms through easy, fast and secure identity verification.

We are making sure our personnel are available in more locations to support rapidly increasing demand for high-assurance identity verification, and we are partnering with financial institutions to ensure that consumers are comfortable using remote check deposit.

In this work, we are inspired to work alongside many of our partners, who are stepping up to help people live and work more safely in unprecedented times.

One is Mitek partner ID.me, which has joined with Slack to create a free, real-time collaboration space on Slack for doctors and medical personnel to share information about COVID-19. The Slack channel, only launched on March 24, already has more than 2,000 registered users.

“The pandemic has changed the way we practice medicine in America,” says Dr. Jennifer Ellice, an emergency room physician, in ID.me’s announcement. “We no longer have the luxury of waiting for peer-reviewed data from medical journals, large medical trials or professional association guidelines.” 

Instead, ID.me and Slack have created a central place where frontline medical personnel can quickly and responsibly share real-time information and reach peers to get questions answered. Even in the first few days, participants are trading information about the availability of PPE (personal protection equipment), diagnosing COVID-19 and the latest ideas about treatment protocols. It takes only a few minutes to register, to ensure the channel is limited to verified medical personnel.

If you haven’t heard of ID.me yet, you will. The fast-growing company simplifies how individuals prove and share their identity online. The vision of ID.me co-founder Blake Hall is for everyone to have access to a single verified ID that travels across platforms, both online and off. The company is building a digital identity network, where users verify their identity once and never have to re-verify their identity again across any organization where ID.me is accepted. It’s like a driver's license: once you’re verified, proof of your identity goes with you everywhere.

Hall knows that widespread adoption of a single identity verification system that travels with an individual person is quite a way off. However, as he shares in this Identity Innovator video, think of this: “More than half of medical errors that result in death are attributable to identity-related errors,” . Taking the still somewhat-new idea of electronic health records a few steps further, imagine how those errors could be reduced if medical personnel could access each patient’s medical history wherever and whenever it was needed.

Hall’s long-term vision is portability across channels. “We’re still in the first or second inning,” Hall says, “But you can already see some key players emerging that are making identities portable.”

For now, the nation’s attention is squarely on how best to leverage the collective innovation, expertise and best practices of the U.S. medical and research communities to slow the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s an effort Mitek and ID.me are more than happy to support.