Integrate mobile capture into your application - Getting started with Mitek MiSnap SDK

March 2, 2016

Mitek MiSnap™ is the mobile capture component of all Mitek solutions. Through innovative science and advanced algorithms, MiSnap delivers powerful image capture capability that application developers can use to extract data from various document types—passports, state vehicle operator licenses, and employee identification cards to name a few—for identity verification and to simplify data entry.

At its core, MiSnap Software Development Kit (SDK) provides mobile device users a technically-superior, user-friendly method for capturing high-quality images for processing by Mitek’s Imaging Platform. And better yet, the SDK is simple and straightforward to integrate.

If you’ve never worked with the MiSnap SDK before, you can rest easy because getting started is a cinch. Even so, here are answers to five commonly-asked questions that will help you get started:


1. What’s included? When you download and unpack the SDK, you’ll receive all the MiSnap code libraries needed to integrate the product with your native application. In addition, you’ll receive all the supporting documentation, including the product features summary, release notes addressing important changes from previous versions, and a detailed developer’s guide with step-by-step instructions

2. What’s my first step? Before you get started, we recommend taking some time to get familiar with the product. Review the product features document and release notes first before diving into the developer’s guide. These documents present a high-level overview of MiSnap as well as point out important changes from previous versions of the SDK. Both documents provide valuable information you’ll need as you start to work with the SDK.

3. What should I do next? Check to make sure you have the system requirements you need. For information on the system requirements both for iOS and Android environments, reference the Mitek MiSnap SDK data sheet or check the system requirements section in the developer’s guide provided with the SDK.

4. How do I become familiar with MiSnap? Begin by installing the sample app. To give you an opportunity to work with MiSnap before integrating it into your own application, we provide a sample app with the SDK. The sample app is a simple, fully-functioning MiSnap application you can use to test the SDK and to understand how to integrate it into your application. Detailed instructions on how to install the sample application are included in the developer’s guide.

5. How do I customize it? To make the MiSnap user experience your own, we have opened up the UI layer so developers can access the source code and customize the standard MiSnap experience. For more guidance on customizing MiSnap to meet your business needs and brand image, check out our post titled Create the user experience you want - Customizing the MiSnap SDK v3.0 for your mobile application.


MiSnap is the core software component many industry-leading banks and financial institutions use to enable the mobile deposit of checks, and it has been used by over 60 million people. But MiSnap is much more than just a mobile deposit solution—it’s a powerful tool for identity verification, registration, and enrollment applications.

The MiSnap SDK for iOS and Android devices seamlessly integrates image capture capability into your mobile application while maintaining a customized user experience consistent with your unique brand image.

To get started with MiSnap, the industry’s leading mobile capture solution, click here for a free trial.