Mitek’s 19th Patent Advances Leadership Position in Mobile Capture

SAN DIEGO – January 7, 2014 – Mitek (NASDAQ: MITK,, the leading innovator in mobile imaging for financial transactions, today announced that it has been issued U.S. Patent No. 8,620,058, “METHOD FOR MOBILE CAPTURE AND PROCESSING OF DOCUMENTS,” by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Mitek now has 19 patents issued and 23 patent applications pending.

Mitek’s solutions reduce friction in the mobile user experience by enabling consumers to use the “Camera as a Keyboard™”, eliminating notoriously cumbersome and error prone data entry on mobile devices. Solutions include Mobile Deposit®, Mobile Photo Bill Pay®, Mobile Photo Balance Transfer™, Mobile Photo Account Opening™, and others. 

Earlier in 2013, Mitek Labs released Mitek MiSnap™ SDK, a touch-free mobile capture technology. Mitek MiSnap provides real-time feedback to users until a suitable image is detected and then automatically captures the image, making the mobile capture experience simple and engaging.   Mitek MiSnap™ is the mobile capture component of Mitek’s patented Mobile Imaging Platform™.

Mitek’s CTO Michael Strange explains, “Mobile document capture is at the heart of the products that we deliver.  This patent expands our leadership in this area, extending several advanced methods of technical image processing and manipulation to the mobile device.  We are proud of this recognition, and will continue our commitment to innovation in mobile imaging technology.”

Grigori Nepomniachtchi, Mitek’s Chief Scientist, adds, “Image capture, processing, and manipulation are critical to imaging on mobile device.  Issues such as warped images, skewed pictures, excessive shadows, and otherwise distorted pictures are common.  We have numerous algorithms and techniques to adjust for these defects in our products and documented in this patent.”

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Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Mitek (NASDAQ: MITK) is the leading innovator of mobile imaging for financial transactions.  Mitek’s patented mobile photo technology automatically captures images of personal and financial documents and then extracts relevant data. This enables consumers to use the Camera as a Keyboard™ to reduce friction for mobile check deposit, account opening, bill payment, insurance quoting, and many other use cases. This innovative technology is licensed by more than 1,400 organizations and used by tens of millions of consumers enabling increased customer acquisition, retention and operational efficiency.

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