Mitek advances speed and accuracy of identity verification with single-point NFC solution 

LONDON, UK, 22 October 2020 – Mitek (NASDAQ: MITK,, a global leader in digital identity verification technology, has introduced Near Field Communication (NFC) technology into its identity verification workflow. This ‘fast-lane’ helps banks, fintechs and financial organisations onboard their customers more simply and securely.  

The NFC-enabled solution offers best-in-class identity verification, that delivers the highest conversion and lowest abandonment rates, thanks to an intuitive customer experience and banking grade fraud prevention.  

“Mitek’s combination of the NFC chip data extraction, selfie capture and liveness biometric verification is superior to other solutions,” said Matthijs Ballintijn at identity services provider JanusID. “The intuitive guidance helps users, and the accuracy of the NFC data enables faster, more reliable data capture, all of which will greatly increase our success rates.” 

NFC further advances the automation of Mitek’s digital identity verification solution by authenticating users through biographical and biometric information stored in a NFC chip within eligible IDs. Mitek’s intuitive capture technique swiftly locates the NFC chip and extracts the data for rapid authentication. Consumers scan their NFC-enabled ID document and take a selfie to check liveness and face comparison – the NFC chip with Mitek’s technology do the rest.  

For users, this solution offers simplicity and speed, with no difficult onboarding hoops to jump through. For organizations, it reduces abandonment rates and improves conversion rates all in compliance with international regulations. This is particularly critical to reduce the risk of synthetic identity fraud – the amalgamation of real and falsified information to create fake identities – the fastest growing type of financial fraud today, according to McKinsey. Those with ID documents not yet supported by NFC protocols are seamlessly guided through Mitek’s banking grade document capture, authentication, face comparison and liveness detection, with human experts on standby for complex cases. 

“In 2020 we’ve seen an unprecedented rise in demand for safe and secure digital authentication of identities. With NFC technology, we can offer a complete digital identity verification solution that prioritises customer experience without compromising security,” said Sanjay Gupta, VP, Global Head of Product at Mitek. “We are committed to helping brands grow by putting their customers first and to providing a best-in-class digital onboarding experience.” 

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Mitek (NASDAQ: MITK) is a global leader in mobile capture and digital identity verification built on the latest advancements in computer vision and artificial intelligence. Mitek’s identity verification solutions enable organizations to verify an individual’s identity during digital transactions to reduce risk and meet regulatory requirements, while increasing revenue from digital channels. More than 7,500 organizations use Mitek to enable trust and convenience for mobile check deposit, new account opening and more. Mitek is based in San Diego, Calif., with offices across the U.S. and Europe. Learn more at  

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