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Know your customer — and enhance your user experience

Achieve the right balance between an optimal customer onboarding experience, security, fraud prevention and regulation compliance with our identity verification services.

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Speed account opening
with digital ID verification

Enhance your customer experience

Reduce friction and keep your doors open to the right customers.

Make enrollment quick and easy 

Minimize application abandonment rates with data prefill in application from ID document to expedite account opening.

Manage your customer journey 

Offer your customers easy access to all of your products, and reduce acquisition cost, with an intuitive and disciplined approach.

Identity fraud prevention 

Comprehensive document authentication mitigates threats of application fraud, data breaches and account takeovers.

Comply with laws, rules and regulations  

Achieve Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance and reduce regulator costs.

Meet your customers along every touch point

We understand that you want to provide easy, online access to a diverse range of financial products and services to meet your customers’ personal, business and institutional needs. The majority of consumers want to, or have already, moved to online banking transactions. Verifying identity documents and their owners plays a major part in filling the anonymity gap that comes with digital financial transactions, whether that entails purchasing a home, applying for an auto loan, going to college, starting a business, or opening their first checking account.


Customers open a range of accounts using digital channels; let us help you create a quicker, accessible onboarding process for them

Digital channels only Digital and offline channels 22% 10% 32% Auto Loans 24% 18% 42% Mortgages 31% 15% 46% CDs 35% 15% 50% RetirementAccounts 37% 19% 56% BrokerageAccounts 42% 18% 60% Checking 42% 18% 60% Savings 56% 10% 66% CreditCards 50% or more use digital channel

Verify a user's identity in seconds
with trusted identity verification solutions

Developed by a team of ID experts and PhD level scientists

MiSnap™ taps into smartphone cameras enabling users to effortlessly take photos of themselves and their documents. MobileVerify® performs biometrics to certify matches while simultaneously running automated authentication checks to determine the authenticity of documents in less than 5 seconds.

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“We needed a partner who could scale with us and support a high volume of users.”

Nash Ali

Head of Risk at MoneyGram International

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Mitigate fraud.

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