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Balance customer experience and risk with digital ID verification

Reduce abandonment rates and say 'yes' to more good customers by verifying a users identity in seconds. 

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Speed account opening 
with identity verification

Reduce application abandonment

Omnichannel identity verification ensures users don't leave their preferred digital channel.

Increase customer acceptance rates

Guided auto capture experience trusted by 80+ million consumers to increase image quality paired with global document coverage.

Stop fraud and mitigate risk

Deep authentication checks mitigates threats of application fraud and account takeover.

Highest levels of data security 

Protect your firm against threats and meet today's compliance standards. Mitek follows industry best practices and holds ISO 27001 certification and SOC 2 compliance. 


Make ID verification natural and easy at every touch point

Use identity verification as a growth engine to help you rapidly expand into new geographic markets, increase onboarding and safely reach deeper into existing markets to approve customers you might otherwise decline. 

Say 'yes' to more good customers across all of your digital channels. 


Account opening

Loan origination

Money transfer 

Verify a user's identity in seconds
to stop fraud and mitigate risk.

Developed by a team of ID experts and PhD level scientists

MiSnap™ taps into smartphone cameras enabling users to effortlessly take photos of themselves and their documents. MobileVerify® performs biometrics to certify matches while simultaneously running automated authentication checks to determine the authenticity of documents in less than 5 seconds.

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“We needed a partner who could scale with us and support a high volume of users.”

Nash Ali

Head of Risk at MoneyGram International

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