Identity Verification: Nexus to Digital Transformation of Financial Institutions

Say yes to Good Customers • Keep Fraudsters Out • Meet Regulatory Requirements

New-account acquisition is an increasingly challenging proposition for financial institutions (FI) as consumers are migrating their activity to the digital channel. Regulators are intensely scrutinizing new-account risk assessment practices. Fraud is on the rise, fueled by reams of personal data compromised in data breaches. Mobile Verify is the tool to combat these challenges.

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Convenience of Digital is an Undeniable Lure

Banking Identity Verification - Digital Channel

Accounts opened using digital channels (by type of account)

Benefits of Digital Identity Verification

Banking Identity Verification - More Customers

Acquire more customers at a lower cost

Banking Identity Verification - Digital Experience

Offer better, safer digital experience than competitors

Banking Identity Verification - Customers Growth

Identity customers in growth markets: young, immigrants, underbanked

Banking Identity Verification - CIP Regulations

Meet Customer Identification Program (CIP) regulations

Banking Identity Verification - Mitigate Risk

Mitigate risk of fraud

Download report by Julie Conroy, research director for Aite Group’s Retail Banking practice, Digital Identity Verification: Convenient and Compliant

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Instant ID Verification Clears Your Pended Queue

You know there are good customers in your pended queue. They may be Millennials, immigrants or others with a thin credit file who simply cannot be identified with traditional checks. Asking them to leave the mobile channel and take their identity document to a physical location or fax in a copy isn’t the answer. Those trying to validate identity this way are seeing abandonment rates as high as 90%.

Mobile Verify® is your key to getting good customers out of the pended queue, onboarded and generating lifetime value. 

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Banking Identity Verification - Id Verification

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