Card-Not-Present Transactions

Card-Not-Present (CNP) transactions are problematic for a number of reasons – not only are interchange fees for CNP significantly higher than in person transactions, but the risk of fraud and chargebacks are also much higher due to increased difficulty in legitimately authenticating the cardholder. Identity verification rarely takes place in CNP transactions, and consequently it is a situation ripe for fraudulent purchases.

Mitek’s Mobile Verify™ can significantly reduce the risk of fraud by providing merchants with the ability to request that customers prove their identity during CNP transactions. Our mobile capture technology can quickly verify the authenticity of a driver’s license. The process is straightforward, limiting potential for cart abandonment and reinforces the message that the merchant has the data protection consumer at heart. This also reassures nervous online shoppers that the retailer is legitimate and concerned with their online welfare. Building this culture of online trust is imperative for nurturing future repeat business.