The Mitek Mobile Deposit® advantage part II clean images in, great data out with MiSnap

September 14, 2017 by Michael Diamond

Whether the subject is market basket analysis for a retailer, likely voter polling for a campaign, or submitting a mobile image for check deposit, the old maxim applies: “garbage in, garbage out”. 

In the early days of mobile deposit, bank customers took ‘manual’ pictures, meaning they held the camera above the check (with very little guidance) and then moved their finger to touch the shutter icon on their phone.  After processing over 1.5 billion check deposits since creating this technology, at Mitek we noticed the same thing many of us have noticed in our social media feeds: not everyone is good at taking pictures. 

Although most pictures were good enough, we observed that focusing on the quality of the image – and this means not just getting a clear picture of the entire check, but also giving customers real-time feedback to guide them through the process – would have great benefits for banks and their customers. Enter MiSnap.

The Mitek MiSnap™ guarantee: clean images in, great data out

MiSnap is our industry-leading auto-capture experience, which enables a user to ‘hover’ their phone over a check and have MiSnap do the work. MiSnap focuses on the check, provides necessary guidance for the user, eliminates busy backgrounds that might interfere with the image, finds the four corners/edges, and takes a great picture.  Customers rave about the magical experience. To see it for yourself, check out this video.

When we describe MiSnap as “industry-leading”, we have reason to do so. MiSnap is embedded in the mobile banking apps of over 80 million U.S. consumers. Hundreds of thousands of MiSnap images are captured annually, and it’s growing rapidly. As you read this, people in different cities are likely using MiSnap as they do their banking.

MiSnap is the most rigorously tested and widely used auto-capture technology in the financial services market, which is what you’d expect from Mitek. We have deep specialization in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence technologies and keep pace with the changing mobile ecosystem so that our customers can deliver the best auto-capture technology possible.

Clean images in, great data out. That’s how Mobile Deposit works today.

This is the second installment of a series of posts where we outline the journey we have been on since inventing Mobile Deposit® for the financial industry. We will share some of the key learnings we’ve gained and why they matter to the broader industry.  Learn more about the reasons why Mitek's Mobile Deposit® has become the gold standard for remote check deposit.