MiSnap™ webcam auto-capture for digital identity verification launch

April 17, 2019
desktop idv We're pleased to announce the launch of Miteks' MiSnap's webcam auto-capture.


The desktop ID document image capture capabilities present an opportunity for businesses to onboard customers securely across all digital platforms (mobile apps, mobile web and now desktop browsers) to reduce onboarding friction and increase conversion rates. Many users still complete the entire account opening process on their desktop computers and now they have an intuitive and guided interface to automatically capture a high-quality image of their identity document on the first attempt. Our image capture technology improves image acceptance rates for authentication and onboarding to help improve the overal digital identity verification experience

MiSnap employs sophisticated image capture technology, delivering a superior auto-capture experience for desktop and across mobile devices through:

  • Guided commands: Real-time commands such as where to place a document in relation to the camera or detection of glare on the ID document are some of the conditions evaluated in order to help the user capture an optimal image, which improves image acceptance rates and reduces capture retries.
  • Advanced image analysis: Once MiSnap has achieved an optimal capture of the ID document, the software then further analyzes the image and makes the necessary adjustments in order to process all images consistently and accurately.
  • Modern architecture: Because MiSnap uses WebAssembly, it can perform at native speeds and is easy to integrate into customers’ web-based apps and requires minimal footprint.

Read the full press release here.