Infographic: Our digital identity verification process, at a glance

April 16, 2019

5 steps to keep identity fraudsters out and onboard more good customers onto your digital platform

With data breaches, identity fraud, account takeover fraud and account opening fraud on the rise, high abandoment rates and the risk of losing a bulk of good customers, both businesses and customers will benefit from the use of a state-of-the-art digital identity verification process. A new relationship between security and user experience (UX) has entered into the identity landscape and will continue to evolve into the future — and we move our process and science right along with it. 

Here's an infographic illustrating how our digital identity verification technology, Mobile Verify®, proofs real-world identities quickly and accurately, helping businesses to combat fraud, onboard more customers quicker, and promote trust within their communities, in five easy steps:

digital identity verification

Mitek’s software interactively guides users through commands to take an optimal photo of their identity document and compares it with a selfie of their face to encourage widespread, rapid user adoption as well as a higher image acceptance rate. (More about facial comarison here.)

Our machine learning technology uses algorithms to match the document image with thousands of government-issued ID formats from around the world, maintained our our cloud-based repository. Our fraud-detection software releases hundreds of AI-based analytics of the image and its extracted data to prove the document’s authenticity. Once it’s authenticated, biometric facial comparison algorithms decide if the photo in the ID matches the customer’s selfie and a clean decision is made about whether or not the identity is genuine and belongs to the applicant. 

Proofing real-world identities in a smart and fully automated way to return quick and conclusive results will help businesses keep identity fraudsters out, onboard more good customers quickly, and foster trust.