Here’s a smart idea: securely complete transactions via smart phone text

August 19, 2020

In today’s experience-driven digital economy, customers expect intuitive and instant business interactions. However, many businesses are ill-equipped to deliver great onboarding experiences to customers on their mobile devices while speaking with them on the phone. The result can be frustrated customers, lost sales and higher operational costs.

That’s why, as even more important transactions move online, this is the perfect time to introduce you to Mitek partner Lightico.

Lightico’s secure platform makes it possible for businesses to collect forms, documents, e-signatures, photos and payments, consent to disclosures and verify identities instantly via text, even while the customer is on the phone.

Imagine the customer experience Lightico makes possible. There’s no app for customers to download and manage. Transactions, even complicated ones, are completed securely through a simple text message to a smart phone - or via email, if they prefer - even while on a phone call. Allowing customers to easily complete transactions wherever they are helps earn their trust and loyalty, with high security and assurance – all of which can translate to higher profits. A few examples:

  • GlaxoSmithKline says the Lightico system has significantly cut the time required to complete patient consent forms. “We’ve cut turnaround times of consent form completion down to 8 minutes, thanks to the speed and ease of Lightico’s eSignature collection,” says Vincent Atalese, GSK manager of operations. “This program makes employees feel good about the work that they do.”
  • Happy State Bank, which operates 43 locations in 32 communities throughout Texas, says it has reduced the time it takes to open an account and process loan new loan requests. “Lightico has really changed the game for us in being able to make it more convenient for our customers,” says Vice President Stacie Smith.
  •  Platinum Auto Finance says it is able to process loans four days faster, thanks to the Lightico platform. “Since implementing Lightico’s solution, Platinum’s deal time has been slashed by four days and has enabled the services teams to be more efficient, resolving all customer requests immediately,” says Armando Hidalgo, Platinum director of servicing.

Lightico uses a combination of technologies to make its platform transactions secure, including Mitek’s Mobile Verify® with Face Compare for identity verification, as well as Mitek Mobile Fill, the same technologies that financial institutions rely on to provide top-grade identity verification.

With hundreds of AI-based analytics, computer vision algorithms and biometric facial comparison, Mobile Verify® is a next-generation digital identity verification service designed for the world’s leading marketplace and sharing platforms, banks and financial services organizations. Mitek’s layered approach to identity document verification combines smart automation with the expertise of forensic agents as a fast and accurate way to verify the identities of consumers. 

“Mitek’s strong security credentials and superior customer experience convinced us that it was the ideal partner. They have proven that they can provide us the level of security and trust our business requires while streamlining entire customer facing journeys,” says Lightico CRO Gilad Komorov. 

Industries from banking, insurance and telecom to healthcare, auto financing and attorney practices are turning to Lightico for its ability to improve their customer experience and increase the efficiency of their operations.

“Lightico is a terrific partner, because we share the same goals: making digital transactions secure, effortless, efficient and, as Lightico says, unforgettable,” says Sanjay Gupta, Mitek Vice President Head of Product and Corporate Development. “That’s never been more important than in today’s complicated world.”

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