Digital notary services now available to U.S. citizens in all states and around the world

July 9, 2020

Full-service enterprise notarization goes digital

Put a high-powered group of notaries, attorneys, digital experts and financial services professionals together and what do you get? The industry’s most complete online notarization and identity verification service. Virtually any document can now be notarized online.

Mitek partner KYS (Know Your Signer) and its remote online notary platform (RON) offer companies a comprehensive, secure and verifiable online notarization and identity verification system that meet the most stringent documentation standards across all industries. Migration to a fully digital notarial environment provides employees and clients with efficiency, protection and reliable continuity.

The partnership could not come at a better time

While communities across the world are beginning to edge open after months of COVID-19 closures, enterprises are looking for ways to conduct business online, where possible. In response to the ongoing health crisis, in the U.S., many states have issued emergency measures allowing notaries to perform remote online notarizations (RON). 

“We are living in unprecedented times. Businesses have transformed overnight. Many businesses could only transact in person before, but they’ve now found innovative ways to do business digitally. Digital transformation is now a matter of thriving, not just surviving. At Mitek, we are honored to partner with KYS to bring their essential service online,” said Sanjay Gupta, Mitek VP, Global Head of Product and Corporate Development

eNotary services jumpstart digital commerce

For example, car dealers in the state of Pennsylvania were not able to sell cars during the recent stay-at-home orders because a sale required documents to be notarized.  Now the state has passed enabling acts that allow the use of e-notary services, which will help jumpstart car sales. Many States like Pennsylvania have done the same notary enabling for law and medical firms, financial services, and educational institutions.  

It turns out that providing online notary and identity verification services is more complicated than you might think. While witnessing, certifying and notarizing documents and signatures in person has been the most trusted method for verifying a signer’s signature on a paper document for years, providing the same trusted service online is defined by state and federal laws.

Businesses have been trying to digitize their important document workflows – everything from contracts, wills, Power of Attorneys, financial documents and affidavits to medical, legal and governmental forms – for years. However, the bottleneck to full, secure online notary services and document verification has been a lack of enabling legislation that would define how to provide secure identity verification online.

That’s critical for applications, such as notary services, that require the ability to confirm that the person applying a digital signature to a document is indeed who they say they are. For that, KYS has now partnered with Mitek, a global leader in mobile capture and digital identity verification. Mitek’s Mobile Verify® technology allows KYS to confirm the authenticity of government issued IDs and biometrically tie to the signer in order to verify their identity.

A publicly traded company, Mitek delivers the industry’s highest levels of assurance in identity verification

KYS services can be used with any signature platform or document engine, reducing the time and cost required to notarize company documents. If they prefer, companies can even continue to use their own notaries, a collaboration option unique to the industry. And because KYS uses Mitek technology, clients can be assured they are receiving the highest levels of secure verification.

“Mitek is known for its strict adherence to current compliance and regulatory requirements and certification,” Terry Van Bibber, KYS founder and CEO said. “Mitek allows KYS-Tech to analyze government identity documents in the market - hundreds in the US alone. This professionalism, expertise and support allows us to provide unparalleled service to any notary.”