Create the Mobile Capture You Want - Customizing the MiSnap SDK for Your Mobile Application

March 16, 2016
With the release of v3.0 of the Mitek MiSnap Software Development Kit (SDK), delivering the mobile capture user experience you want has never been easier. We have completely exposed the UI layer, opening up access to the source code and giving developers more control over UX and UI elements such as workflow, screen layout, tutorial screens, and colors. Here’s a quick look at some of the customization options available: Mobile Capture Tablet App



We understand how important your brand is to your business. After all, establishing a brand image takes a lot of time and effort, which is one of the reasons we have enhanced the customization options.

With MiSnap SDK, mobile app developers have control over the look and feel of the application, enabling them to customize the UI and UX elements to create an experience that is consistent with their brand. If desired, the standard MiSnap Overlay can be replaced with a custom-defined image. And the layout files are accessible, so each screen can be customized by adding company logos, adjusting colors, tailoring the location and presence of input buttons, and modifying text and real-time messages.



To simplify integration with your application, we have included a sample application in the v3.0 SDK package. The sample app is a turnkey mobile capture solution and utilizes the standard MiSnap user experience and workflow. If the standard workflow meets your requirements, the sample app simply can be called by your native application, and no further changes are needed. However, the workflow can be modified to fit your business needs.

For example, MiSnap SDK has two capture modes: automatic mode and manual mode. By default, the UX starts in automatic mode. If auto capture is not successful for some reason, MiSnap will show a failover screen and then switch to manual mode. But that can be changed. The workflow can be modified to skip the failover screen and to go directly to manual mode. Or the time allowed before auto failover occurs can be increased or decreased. Or the entire workflow can be altered so that MiSnap always starts in manual mode instead of automatic. The choice is yours.

In addition, the MiSnap workflow utilizes pop-up message bubbles to provide real-time feedback to the user during the capture process as well as a status thermometer to measure progress. Mobile App Developers have complete control over both and can customize them as desired.


Tutorial Screens

By default, a first time user tutorial is shown to make it easier for new users to become familiar with MiSnap. In addition, if a user unnecessarily touches the screen more than four times, MiSnap will assume they need help and will take them to the tutorial. However, each of those scenarios can be revised or bypassed entirely.

Throughout the MiSnap experience, built-in tutorial screens are included to guide and to help users. But you have control over when—or if—they are shown to the user. And each screen is customizable, so you can choose the colors, labels, and the text messages that are displayed.


Innovative Science with a Customized Experience

Through innovative science and advanced algorithms, MiSnap provides mobile device users a technically-superior method for capturing high-quality images quickly and easily. The MiSnap SDK enables you to harness this capability, incorporate it into your mobile application, and customize the experience to fit your unique business needs and branding guidelines.


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