Advanced Cash Prevents Fraud Using Instant Mobile ID Document Verification from Mitek

May 31, 2016

Advanced Cash provides individuals and businesses worldwide with an easy to use and versatile online payment system. Headquartered in Belize, the company’s specialties include payment processing, MasterCard prepaid virtual and plastic cards, P2P transfers, e-wallet platform, B2C affiliate and card payouts.

With a service allowing online transactions from around the world, Advanced Cash faced great challenges verifying customer identification and needed a solution that could accurately verify many types of documents. Since users are from a variety of countries, the solution had to verify many types of documents in more than a dozen different languages.

Advanced Cash also needed a solution that could quickly verify documents since one of their major customer benefits is being faster than conventional money transfers.

Until recently, Advanced Cash relied upon its compliance and risk department to verify customer identities and documents, which was time consuming and allowed some room for error and fraudulent activity.

mitek mobile verification for Advanced Cash


After reading about Mitek’s Mobile Verify™ instant ID document verification solution, Advanced Cash decided it was the perfect solution due to its ability to recognize documents from a variety of countries and ensure a high-quality, quick verification.

Since implementing the mobile solution, the time it takes Advanced Cash to verify documents for authenticity and validity has decreased significantly. It’s also enabled the compliance and risk department to work much more efficiently and focus on stopping fraudulent activity.

According to Tom Abramov, Chief Business Development Officer at Advanced Cash, Mobile Verify has prevented numerous forged documents from entering their system, which he says saves the company a lot of money.

 “Forged documents and documents created with the use of Photoshop are no longer a problem for us because Mobile Verify easily identifies the authenticity of a document submitted for verification,” Abramov says.

Additionally, facial comparison technology enables Advanced Cash to verify that the person holding the government issued ID documents is the person applying for the account. The consumer simply snaps a selfie and Mitek’s advanced technology compares it to the photo on ID documents adding a second factor of identity verification, which meets the regulatory standards in place for many countries.

Learn more about how mobile ID document verification can help combat fraud by downloading this whitepaper today.