New ID R&D patent bolsters advantages of frictionless facial liveness detection

Novel artificial intelligence (AI) techniques achieve notable performance improvements for IDLive® Face, helping drive customer satisfaction up and abandonments down

New York, June 21 — ID R&D, an award-winning provider of frictionless liveness detection and voice biometrics products, has been granted a patent for a novel approach to detecting the spoof attacks that threaten digital onboarding and biometric authentication. The method increases the speed and accuracy of IDLive Face, ID R&D’s product for frictionless facial liveness detection, further advancing the competitive advantages of its passive approach. Eliminating user friction contributed by spoof detection has demonstrated meaningful benefits in the form of significantly lower abandonment rates and improved customer satisfaction. 

“Rapid advancements in artificial intelligence bring new challenges to securing digital onboarding and authentication — particularly from deepfakes — and we expect this trend to persist,” commented Alexey Khitrov, CEO and Co-Founder of ID R&D, a Mitek company. “Fortunately, we are also working hard to research and develop new ways to leverage AI to its full potential to counter AI-powered fraud.” 

A recent innovation in AI is to use visual transformers to focus attention on the most important data when training neural networks. Techniques of the new patent apply an analogous approach to liveness detection by highlighting the most meaningful areas of a face image during analysis. Properly weighting the most relevant facial regions instead of using only image-wide characteristics has made IDLive Face significantly faster and more accurate, and in turn, more secure and user-friendly. The technology comes at a time when identity-related fraud continues to be the most frequent type of fraud reported by consumers, according to data collected by the Federal Trade Commission. 

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