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Mitek’s Check Fraud Defender is a secure, cloud-hosted consortium that strengthens your existing fraud prevention and management solutions. It allows you to quickly compare incoming checks from ALL channels. As a participating member, your financial institution can leverage the millions of account level historical check and transaction intelligence, including unique signals around compromised and “for sale” stolen customer data. In fact, we are already protecting many of your customers today. Fill out the form to learn more. 

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Check Fraud Defender is designed to reduce loss, centralize decision-making, and minimize manual reviews. It complements your existing fraud stack by visually inspecting checks from all channels. How does it work? Using Mitek’s proprietary visual inspection model, Check Fraud Defender, leverages AI and machine learning to score 18 check attributes beyond account data to help with personal information and fraud protection, as well as identity theft. 

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Key resources

Check Fraud Defender overview

This short video shows how Mitek is using the power of AI and computer vision to combat check fraud.

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Bank case study

Learn how a top-25 U.S. bank combatted its growing multi-million dollar check fraud problem and avoided $16M in losses.

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Check Fraud Defender combines the power of Mitek's check imaging products with our cloud-hosted services expertise.

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Mitek’s custom assessment makes use of your financial institution's data and securely allows us to show you the improvements we can make in your current fraud detection process. In as little as two weeks, you will see how Check Fraud Defender can reduce your fraud losses initially missed with your current fraud checks. Contact us to get started on your Find-the-Fraud Assessment today. 

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