Mobile identity verification. Superior guest experience.

Enhancing mobile capabilities for travelers can have a positive impact on guest experiences, your profitibility and your platform's reputation.

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The Mitek solution.
Because digital IDV matters.

Travel guests expect special incentives,complimentary services and premium mobile self-service options. Modernize and streamline the check-in process to improve both security and the traveler experience.


Improve guest self-service options, reduce wait times in lines


Authenticate users quickly, with confidence


Streamline flight, rental car and hotel check-in processes


Protect guests, their accounts and their loyalty points from fraud

Instill confidence in your guest and travel services by verifying a user's identity in seconds.


US guests want hotels to invest in technology and enhance guest experience


Of passengers used an electronic boarding pass on a smartphone in the last year


Of travelers use mobile devices to book travel activities

How it works. AI-powered, real-time identity verification.

Developed by a team of ID experts and PhD level scientists

Guests use their smartphone's camera to snap a picture of their ID and then take a selfie. Advanced biometric facial comparison technology is used to compare the individual in the selfie with the photo on the ID to ensure that the person checking in is the person tied to the original reservation.

Mobile Verify® can help you determine the authenticity of documents in seconds.

“Travelers now consider the smartphone to be the single most indespensible item they carry with them when they travel, ahead of their toothbrush, deodorant, and driver's license.”


(Expedia/Egencia Mobile Index Study of Global Travelers. January 2016)

Outpace the competition.
Savvy, mobile check-in.

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