Mitek partner Agilysys empowers secure mobile hotel check-in

June 17, 2020

If you’re in the hospitality business, you know that time truly does equal money. Every minute your guests wait in line to check-in is time they are not enjoying a beverage in your lounge, dining in your restaurant or relaxing in your spa facilities. Over the course of a year, those lost opportunities can add up to a significant bottom line impact. Not  anymore

Contactless service protects people and improves the customer experience

rGuest® Express Mobile from new Mitek partner Agilysys allows a guest to use their mobile device to check into their hotel room securely and safely, avoiding any check-in delay at all. Before receiving their digital key, each guest’s identity is verified to ensure the person checking in matches the reservation.

“Mitek is honored to introduce our partnership with Agilysys and to support rollout of rGuest Express Mobile at a major convention hotel in Las Vegas,” said Sanjay Gupta, Mitek VP Head of Product and Corporate Development. “The experience of checking into a venue can set the tone for one’s entire stay. To help our partner offer this level of user experience, security and operational efficiency to its customers represents the best of our partner program.”

With operations around the world, Agilysys has been a leader in hospitality software for more than 40 years, delivering innovative guest-centric technology solutions for gaming, hotels, resorts and cruise, corporate foodservice management, restaurants, universities, healthcare and more. Some of the largest hospitality companies around the world use Agilysys solutions to help improve guest loyalty, drive revenue growth and increase operational efficiencies.

rGuest Express Mobile, combined with Agilysys PMS technologies, provides a stable, secure, scalable platform that offers Agilysys customers the ability to configure the system, giving them control and flexibility. For example, once guests are securely checked in, they then may opt to use their smart phone as a room key, perhaps reserve a table at the venue’s restaurant and, at the end of their stay, bypass the front desk again with a quick and easy mobile check out.

The system not only helps everyone involved maintain social distancing, it improves guests’ experience, provides an additional level of security, improves staff efficiency and allows hotel and hospitality personnel to focus on what they do best – care for their guests.

“When you check in, you go to that front desk agent and hand them your ID,” says Stacey Oden, senior technical product manager at Agilysys. “The onus is on that agent. Is it real? Is it you? Is it cracked? Does it have a valid birthdate? Is it forged? With rGuest Express Mobile and the identity verification we have built in, each guest knows they are truly being identified, that the hotel truly cares about their safety and security.”

 “Incorporating Mitek’s Mobile Verify® into our system allows us to digitally verify the identity of hospitality guests when checking into their room using their mobile device,” says Agilysys Senior Director, Corporate and Product Strategy, Rohith Kori. “It’s central to our commitment to help our customers offer their guests unparalleled ease, convenience and security.”