digital onboarding for fintech

identity verification for FinTech

Approve more good customers in seconds

Streamline your digital onboarding process with identity verification. Our automated document capture and verification ensures you get the right offer to the right customer at the right time.

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Speed onboarding with
digital ID verification

Accelerate customer onboarding

Meet customer expectations with speed, security and a low-friction experience.

Mitigate fraud and risk

Stop traditional problems like account takeover and stolen identities and more advance fraud techniques like synthetic identities.

Simply approve more good customers

Safely onboard customers that are profiled as riskier that the bank would otherwise turn away. 

Create personalized customer experiences

Provide high-levels of confidence customers are who they say they are as the baseline for building out personalized customer experiences.

Make ID verification easy and natural

Start your onboarding flow with identity verification to create digital trust and drive smarter decisions. You'll provide a higher level of assurance that customers are who they say they are when they onboard or go to transact. This gives you the ability to use identity document data to build out the personalized customer experiences to win more customers.

Account Opening and KYC

Response time within seconds

Loan Origination

Most risky 25% of applicants

High Value transactions

Decrease in account takeover fraud

Verify a user's identity in seconds to stop fraud and create trust

Proven ID verification developed by a team of ID experts and PhD scientists

MiSnap™ taps into smartphone cameras enabling users to effortlessly take photos of themselves and their documents. MobileVerify® performs biometrics to certify matches while simultaneously running automated authentication checks to determine the authenticity of documents in seconds.

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“Fintechs have been market disruptors. But to avoid being disrupted by new competitors we must constantly innovate, both in terms of customer service and security. All of it revolves around identity. We think doing a great job of identity verification is essential to our future success.”

Andy Ding

Product Manager, Upgrade

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Reduce abandonment rates and streamline onboarding

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