Case study: Coinme

Coinme, the largest licensed cryptocurrency cash exchange in the U.S., needed to provide a customer onboarding experience that was fast and intuitive. With the use of Mobile Verify, Coinme is able to find the perfect balance between ease, safety, and compliance.

“With the integration of Mitek’s digital identity verification solution, Coinme has seen notable improvements in key areas, including increased sign-up conversion rates, a significant reduction in the time to complete identity verification, and a decrease in customer support contacts.” - Nathan Rozendaal, VP of Product

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Coinme and Mobile Verify win gold in with identity verification, security, and reliability trifecta

Continuing to grow and expand internationally, leveraging Mitek in optimizing their KYC systems to reduce identity theft and enhance the customer experience. With Mobile Verify, KYC completion success has more than doubled and approvals times decreased to under 10 seconds.

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