Mobile capture

Easy for consumers, quality for your app

Mitek MiSnap™ is a patented mobile-capture SDK that enables an intuitive user experience and instant capture of quality images. It all starts with the quality of the image.


Mitek MiSnap™

Easy, smart capture experience across all digital platforms

The process of capturing and optimizing an image of a person and/or document with a mobile or desktop device can be utilized to verify a customer's identity, increase transaction speed and reduce abandonment rates. Powered by computer vision, MiSnap provides instant feedback to the end-user and allows for automated, intuitive image capture, resulting in a quality image and a higher acceptance rate for further processing.

Real-time guidance

Intuitive, simple capture

image-quality assurance

Automated mobile
capture technology

The key to successful mobile identity verification is the quality of the image capture. Mitek's MiSnap™ enables every user to capture a quality image ... the first time.

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Our mobile capture SDK across digital channels offers:

  • Intuitive, automated capture for a higher completion rate
  • Real-time guidance to ensure a successful capture
  • Brandable and customizable workflows to fit your user experience
  • Modern framework for easy integration