Whitepaper: Understanding and making the most of PSD2 and SCA

PSD2 and the requirement for Strong Customer Authentication brings a broader scope of regulations that is dramatically altering the financial services industry, affecting everything from the way consumers pay online, to the thresholds for triggering an authentication. 

While some may see this as another daunting set of requirements to meet, it also presents financial institutions with an opportunity to offer a more seamless and secure digital process.

Our new whitepaper delves into this opportunity and explains topics like:

  1. The second Payments Service Directive (PSD2) explained
  2. What is driving the need for PSD1 and PSD2
  3. Who is impacted by PSD2 and SCA
  4. The intersection of PSD2 and identity verification
  5. How can we help you make the most of PSD2
  6. Timeline of PSD1 and PSD2

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Exactly how will PSD2 regulation impact the industry?

Increasing Scope and Coverage

It will broaden the scope and comprehensiveness of industries covered and SCA standards

More comprehensive Regulation

It now covers transactions where only one of the parties is located in the EU (previously both parties needed to be located within the EU)

Safer & More specific Standards

It requires compliance with new security and stricter authentication regulatory standards




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Download our latest whitepaper and learn how you can use these changes as an opportunity to fight online fraud, increase customer acquisition and meet your compliance needs.

While some may see the new PSD2 and SCA as another daunting set of requirements to meet, they actually present online merchants, payment service providers and financial institutions with the opportunity to work towards a more seamless and secure digital process

Seize the opportunity to make the most of PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication.

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