Raconteur feature report: Future of authentication

Read about the best technologies and strategies to deliver the highest assurance levels without compromising on your customer onboarding experience. The latest Raconteur Future of Authentication Report to explores this further:

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Key takeaways from the report:

  • The world is moving beyond passwords. Although passwords remain the most common form of authentication, they’re not secure. Most companies are now taking further steps to protect their employees and clients by improving their cyber-security. 
  • Biometrics have a bright future but they’re still far from perfect as they’re not 100% accurate and error rates can be high. Any company claiming to fully automate the authentication process without any resulting fraud is not telling the truth. ·
  • Today’s highest assurance levels are provided by a combination of biometric and human authentication. Combining the best of man and machine leverages the unique skills of each and enables continual improvements as the machines constantly learn from the humans.

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