Moment of truth: why digital onboarding is a make or break event for today’s companies

The last year has shone a stark light on which companies actually have 100% digital onboarding and which don’t. One estimate shows that 40% of European consumers couldn’t access financial services during the lockdown—presumably because branches were closed and digital onboarding was less than easy. 

Onboarding is often the first impression a consumer gets of a company in today's digital world. It sets the tone of an organization’s brand and services for customers. This report discusses the critical need to invest in an innovative onboarding platform, along with three real-world onboarding use cases from today’s successful companies. 

Here's a preview:

  1. Industry data from the last year, benchmarking company and consumer data on where digital onboarding transformation was and where it's going now
  2. What consumers think about onboarding, and key items they notice during a digital first impression with a company
  3. Three important onboarding design principles that are foundational to creating and customizing a fast and secure digital flow
  4. Use cases from three successful companies on how they've created their onboarding flow and the technology that allows them to do so

Use cases included in the download:

  • ANNA Money - an award winning business account and tax app 
  • A reputable mobile banking Fintech
  • One of the biggest car-sharing marketplaces in the US and EU

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