The 5 challenges of Business Client On-Boarding and Customer Due Diligence

Our latest whitepaper, in partnership with Consult Hyperion, explores five key challenges of business client on-boarding & customer due diligence and what solutions are available to business client on-boarding.

Download our whitepaper to find out:

  • How regulated firms go about on-boarding a business client
  • Five factors that make business client on-boarding complicated & costly
  • How could business on-boarding be streamlined to deliver a better digital customer journey
  • How Mitek Systems can help with KYB & KYC

A Mitek Systems report in association with Consult Hyperion

Business onboarding is predominantly a manual, paper-based process, which is costly for the bank and slow for the customer. Compounding the issue are new regulations such as AMLD5 which whilst offering added protection are also adding complexity. Download our unique report commissioned in collaboration with identity consultancy Consult Hyperion to understand the challenges and solutions available to business client on-boarding.

www_report five challenges of business client onboarding and customer due dilligence