Raconteur Digital Identity Report 2021

As the issues of privacy and safety online rise up the public and corporate agenda, the Raconteur Digital Identity 2021 report, published in The Times, takes a look at the latest thinking on the topic. It explores the role of vaccine passports in unlocking the world from coronavirus, how to spot a deepfake, and where the industry is going next. The featured infographic, meanwhile, takes a deeper dive into the state of the biometrics industry and take-up of the technologies.

Key takeaways:

  • Fraud is escalating rapidly in the digital economy, the rise of deepfakes, synthetic identities, and other identity fraud is eroding trust in technology.
  • The need for a trust framework for Digital identity is at the top of the agenda for Governments, financial intuitions, and self-sovereign technology companies.
  • The rise of biometrics – as with all growth, there are some challenges to the early-stage adoption.
  • Using identity technology to provide a light at the end of the tunnel for COVID19, are vaccine passports the solution?
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