Digital identity 2020: Drivers and challenges


digital identity 2020Is awareness around the true meaning of “identity” growing? Are consumers more acutely comprehending why and how they use their digital identities? In this first part of our recently commissioned survey, we discovered that everyone has a different point of view relative to the meaning and use of their digital identities. Consumers are confused, and in some cases they’re wary of what risks the conveniences may expose. 


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Convenience battles security when it comes to digital identity adoption

While consumers vary on their points of view relating to the meaning and use of their digital identities from confusion to comfort to wariness, they both value access to new services and express concern over security risks. 

In addition to other discoveries, the study found that:

  • Only 25% of consumers say they fully understand digital identity but 65% report using it every day
  • Consumers still prefer more traditional methods of identity verification over newer and more secure biometric technologies, but the advancement of biometrics continues to grow
  • Consumers see in-home and delivery services as the most valuable application for digital identity in the future 
  • And more

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