Biometrics and bias: the science of inclusivity

A conversation with digital identity experts Stephen Ritter, CTO at Mitek & Alexey Khitrov, CEO and co-founder at ID R&D

Biometrics and Bias









It’s not a stretch to say that in the near future, passwords will be replaced with biometrics, an authentication method superior in every conceivable way: easier to use, more secure and less vulnerable to theft or breach. Over the course of the pandemic consumers have embraced biometric identification for even the most sensitive use cases and now trust biometrics over other authentication methods.  Maintaining this trust requires companies to do biometrics right: free of bias and inclusive of all identities. 

In this Q&A conversation with Mitek chief marketing officer Cindy White, Stephen Ritter and Alexey Khitrov talk about why Multimodal Biometric Authentication (MBA) is at the vanguard of inclusive biometric authentication technology, and why banks need it to delight customers with unbiased, convenient and passwordless protection. 

Topics discussed include: 

  • Biometric authentication 
  • Bias and inclusivity in biometrics

  • The balance between security and convenience 

  • Customer grade vs. enterprise grade technology

  • Data quality and machine learning

  • Active vs. passive liveness

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Biometric authentication accelerates access

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73% of passengers will share biometric data to improve airport processes

31% of new bank accounts were opened with biometric data

44%  agree logging in with biometrics is very important with their trust in banks

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About the contributors:


Stephen RitterStephen Ritter  - CTO at Mitek Systems 

In his role as Chief Technology Officer, Stephen Ritter drives the technical development of Mitek’s award-winning mobile deposit, mobile capture and identity verification solutions, and oversees the company’s computer vision and scientific team at Mitek Labs. Stephen has more than 25 years of experience in machine learning, security, cloud and biometric technologies, and provides an innovative source of technical leadership and expertise. 


Alexey KhitrovAlexey Khitrov - Founder and President at ID R&D

ID R&D’s CEO and co-founder, Alexey Khitrov, has extensive first-hand C-level leadership experience with biometric companies, including one of the largest biometric firms in Europe. In the role, he successfully established a US subsidiary, pioneered new products and deployed award-winning solutions with prominent government and Fortune 500 financial institutions.