2023 Mobile Deposit Benchmark Report

Now in its seventh year, the 2023 Mobile Deposit Benchmark Report conducted by Cornerstone Advisors with contributions from CI&T, details the customer experience rankings for the top retail banks and credit unions in the United States along with consumer survey findings.  

The report is designed to pinpoint competitive best practices and gaps as the foundation for product roadmap updates that can best deliver measurable improvement in channel migration, customer satisfaction and end-to-end mobile deposit readiness.



Mobile deposit adoption continues to rise


80% consumers concerned

of consumers are concerned that their personal information will be obtained illegally

9 out of 10

consumers accessed their checking account(s) using a smartphone or tablet in the past 12 months

31% small businesses

of small businesses reported they were a victim of check fraud

Learn where the top 20 US banks rank - and why

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This report focuses on the customer experience for 20 large U.S. retail multi-channel FIs. All phases of this research project—which includes criteria selection, scoring methodology design, data collection and analysis, and reporting—were conducted independently, without influence from this report’s sponsor.