2018 Digital identity: Consumer confidence report

While social networks and digital commerce platforms connect strangers from around the world, security and trust of online information and identities have become a central issue in society, business and politics. From high-profile data breaches like Equifax and Target, to Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal, organizations are increasingly scrutinized for their ability to verify their users’ identity and protect their information. Now more than ever before, consumers are cautious when it comes to online interactions and, as a result, companies have to work harder to build trust and reputation with their customers, especially in digital channels. With the volume of online transactions and communications showing no signs of decrease, consumers will proactively seek out businesses they can trust.

To address this, Mitek commissioned a study by Zogby Analytics of 1,176 digital users in the U.S. looking at their feelings and experiences around trust and identity. In this report, we explore digital consumer sentiments around the role of trust in online interactions, the prevalence of fake accounts and the types of actions and information that help users feel safe doing business online.

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