Webinar: Finovate ID verification as a competitive advantage

The digital lending and finance sector has grown dramatically in the last few years but traditional banks still dominate lending and the financial services space, while digital-first challengers and fintechs are still facing an uphill battle to capture customers and take advantage of the opportunity the digital transformation has provided.

Join this Finovate webinar to learn from leading experts in the digital space who will delve into how digital lenders, fintechs and even incumbents can leverage digital to ward off inefficiency, drive the best possible customer experience and enhance the speed and cost-effectiveness of the onboarding process.


Our experts will be covering topics including:

  • The landscape for digital lenders in Europe – Exploring the rapidly expanding digital landscape and what digital lenders are competing with incumbents
  • The Need for Increased Security: Methods for mitigating fraud and risk posed by financial transactions in the online world where face to face or traditional ways of verification aren’t possible.
  • Seamless User Experience: Learn how leading companies are leveraging digital ID verification to bring on more customers, more quickly.
  • Cutting Compliance Costs while Boosting Efficiency: In a supposedly digital world, mandatory KYC and AML checks are all too often still a largely manual process. Digital processes have the potential to help to reduce KYC and AML compliance costs by up to 70% – and could improve the speed of these checks by up to 80%.



  • Lex SokolinGlobal Director Fintech Strategy and Partner at Autonomous Research
  • Joe Bloemendaal: Vice President EMEA Sales and Business Development with Mitek

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