On-demand webinar: from the high street to cryptocurrency

Join this webinar as John Devlin, Founder and Lead Analyst of P.A.ID Strategies, FinTech Futures and Mitek explore where financial institutions currently stand in their account opening efforts, as well as how digital identity verification can help bridge the gaps between compliance, security and user experience.
Speakers will also explore use cases of digital identity verification and the steps that traditional and challenger banks, along with cryptocurrency companies, can take to meet their regulatory needs and stay ahead of their competition.
Key topics will include:
  • Reconciling the growing regulatory pressure and the rising customer demand for a seamless, fully digital experience.
  • How traditional and challenger banks and cryptocurrency companies fare in benchmarks of their digital verification and onboarding process.
  • What nimble and new companies are doing to differentiate and achieve results with their digital implementations and ID verification.
  • How digital ID verification enables a safe, secure, and compliant on-boarding for companies across the spectrum of financial services.