On-demand webinar: 2017 digital lending fraud report

The explosive adoption of the digital channels is changing the nature of lending. Consumers are coming to expect the kind of convenience and speed that a digital experience can deliver and lenders are increasingly looking to oblige. While many of the benefits to consumers of digital lending are clear, there are some complications related to the rising of faceless-fraud when lending goes digital. 

Moderated by Lending Times, this on-demand webinar features Al Pascual, Senior Vice President and Research Director at Javelin Strategy & Research

Key takeaways:

  • Factors in today's lending environment that have created a favorable environment for fraudsters.
  • How different types of loans are being affected by fraud in digital channels.
  • Techniques used by fraudsters to commit digital lending fraud, including synthetic identities, volumetric attacks, and device spoofing.
  • Next steps lenders can take to optimize their lending fraud mitigation process.